Student Suspensions

“Students, parents, teachers, support staff, principals and [regional centres] share responsibility for creating a school-wide approach to maintaining a positive and inclusive school climate where all students are supported to develop healthy relationships, make good choices and achieve success in their learning.” - Nova Scotia Provincial Code of Conduct

About Suspensions At CCRCE

At CCRCE, we put relationships at the core of our work. We strive to be an educational system that uses a relational approach to help ensure the work we do is culturally responsive and restorative. This is why our suspension processes reflect a focus on relationships and what is best for students in our schools.

As per the Education Act, it is the duty of every student enrolled in a public school under jurisdiction of a regional centre to:

  • Participate fully in learning opportunities
  • Attend school regularly and punctually
  • Contribute to an orderly and safe learning environment
  • Respect the rights of others
  • Comply with the discipline policies of the school and the regional centre

It is the duty of every Principal to ensure that reasonable steps are taken to create and maintain a safe, orderly, positive and effective learning environment. Principals are also to investigate and respond to reports of unacceptable behaviour of students, and, where the principal believes the well-being of a student has been endangered as a result of the unacceptable behaviour of any other student, and notify the parents of the student.

When A Suspension May Occur

A suspension or other action may occur where a student enrolled in a public school engages in unacceptable behaviour.

  • On school grounds, on property immediate adjacent to school grounds, at a school-sponsored or school- related activity, function or program whether on or off school grounds, at a school bus stop or on a school bus; or
  • At a location, activity, function or program that is off school grounds and is not school-sponsored or school–related, if the behaviour significantly disrupts the learning climate of the school.

The Principal or the person in charge of the school may take appropriate action as specified in the Provincial School Code of Conduct Policy including suspending the student for a period of not more than 10 school days.

For more details on suspensions, please visit the Provincial Code of Conduct or the Nova Scotia Education Act.

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