Early Literacy Development Phonological Awareness

Early Literacy Development Phonological Awareness
Posted on 01/18/2024

For our parents and guardians looking for additional phonological awareness activities, here are six quick ideas to do at home or on the go with your child.

  1. Read rhyming books with your child. Point out words that rhyme. Dr. Seuss books are great for this activity. 
  • When you hear two words that rhyme, point them out using this script (fill in whatever words you’re using): “pot, cot. Hey those rhyme! They both end with “ot”.  Listen, pot, cot.”
  1. Practice saying multi-syllabic words. Start with 2-syllable words and work your way up to longer words.
    • You can say, "I’m going to say some parts of a word or syllables, I want you squeeze the syllables together and tell me what word they make. Um….bre…lla, if I said those syllables faster and together, what's the word?”
  2. Have them practice clapping/stomping/jumping out syllables in words.
    • For example, “Let’s find out how many syllables are in that word.  Cat…er…pill...ar (clap once for each syllable).  I heard 4 syllables. Clap with me: Cat…er…pill...ar”. 
  3. Point out what sound the word begins or ends with. You can say "Hey, spring starts with the "s" sound. Listen "ssss." Use words that are meaningful to the child like his/her name or favourite toys/food/shows. 
  4. Ask them to come up with a list of words that start/end with a specific sound/letter.
  5. Changing a letter in a word to create a new word. You can do this to make up real words or silly words. Tell them, "change the first sound in the word "hat" to /p/. What word does it change to? Pat" 
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